ADS-B Traffic and Weather


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Salus-3 ADS-B In and Out

The SALUS-3 is a Portable ADS-B Transceiver — transmitting full ADS-B OUT, while receiving ALL traffic and weather around your aircraft with ADS-B IN. We took the design straight out of a TSO/STC certified ADS-B product, miniaturized it, and created the SALUS-3. Connect to your iOS, Windows, or Android device!

A non-TSO certified portable transceiver

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Uses transponder as control interface for the SALUS-3 portable transceiver


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  Gen2 Portable ADS-B In and Out

Supports full ADS-B Synthetic Traffic™ and Weather
on iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows devices

  • Xtreme Vision Synthetic Traffic™ & Weather Software
  • All hardware self-contained in portable unit, including remote GPS and UAT antennas
  • Display not included


  • Comes with a 2020 FAA mandated certified ADS-B UAT enclosed in portable enclosure. Can be easily removed later and installed in the aircraft with fixed antennas to meet the FAA mandate.


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* Recommended antennas
GPS Garmin GA35 or similar (WAAS antenna recommended for forward compatibility with mandatory ADS-B out requirement)
UAT Comsat CI 105 or similar (can use DME antenna; must operate at 978 MHz)
Note that installation of the system typically involves providing power to the UAT, installing the external antennas and routing the coax cables to the UAT. All connections to the Xtreme Vision displays are wireless.

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