Portable ADS-B In/Out for Full Traffic and Weather

Achieve “Instantaneous Situational Awareness” with SkyVision’s Synthetic Traffic™ ADS-B traffic and weather system, and be a safer pilot.


Introducing the Salus-3™

True ADS-B In/Out Synthetic Traffic™ and Free Weather in Portable Unit!


Salus-3 Skyvision Xtreme


From the makers of the world’s first true portable ADS-B In & Out system. Now in a more convenient size, get the safety and security of Full ADS-B Traffic as well as Subscription-Free Weather in a portable system. Take the system into your rental plane and see all traffic and weather around you!Xtreme Vision’s Synthetic Traffic™ display provides unprecedented Situational Awareness. Just a glance at the display gives all necessary information to see and avoid traffic. The weather display provides all available ADS-B weather products.SkyVision Xtreme – the ultimate in safety in the cockpit. Now available in a portable for virtually all pilot’s, owner, renter, or corporate



Synthetic Traffic in Action

Chopper 3

Xtreme Vision’s Synthetic Traffic display shows an image of the potential traffic conflict (patent pending). This immediate situational awareness means less heads-down time and more time looking for the traffic — knowing at a glance what it’s likely behavior will be.

Xtreme Vision now available on iPad and Android

Xtreme Vision on iPad

SkyVision Xtreme is pleased to announce the availability of Xtreme Vision, the most innovative Synthetic Vision Traffic and Subscription Free Weather display, now on the iPad and Android displays.

Plane & Pilot Features SkyVision Xtreme!



Plane & Pilot discusses the Xtreme Vision ADS-B Traffic and Weather system from SkyVision Xtreme in the July 2011 issue. Including hands-on flight testing during Sun-N-Fun, the article discusses the advantages of Xtreme Vision.

Version 2.2 Released with Audio Alerts

New Release of Xtreme Vision Traffic and Weather ADS-B system released with accurate and descriptive audio alerts. Check out this sample!

Control the NavWorx ADS600-B UAT

SkyVision Xtreme’s display provides full control of the NavWorx UAT, providing the ability to control the transmitter state (ON/OFF/STBY), set anonymous user (no N-number or ICAO code), set your ICAO code for normal operation, set emergency codes, and most importantly, set the assigned transponder squawk code.

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