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SkyVision Xtreme offers multiple low-cost System Configurations for your convenience. Please review the information below, and contact SkyVision Xtreme with any questions or to place an order. You won’t be disappointed with the low-cost ADS-B system or the SkyVision Xtreme World-Class customer service!


Supports full ADS-B Synthetic Traffic™ and Weather

Meets the performance requirements as specified in 91.225 (ADS-B Final rule as amended 2/9/2015), 91.227 and TSO C154c
FAA ADS-B Regulations:
Xtreme Vision Synthetic Traffic™ & Weather
All hardware self-contained in portable unit, including GPS and UAT antennas
Display not included. For External Antenna connection options please tap on the Salus-3 Options below:

Salus-3 Options:

Salus-3 Specifications / Technical Information

Salus-3 User Guide v1.1

Currently Unavailable

TransMonSPE Tall
ADS600B TallADS-600-B

ADS600-B Options:

ADS-600-B Description:

ADS60-B Specifications:

TransMonSPE Specifications


Temporarily out of stock

ADS600-EXP Options:

ADS600-EXP Description:

ADS60-EXP Specifications:

TransMonSPE Specifications


  • If UAT is installed more than 10 feet from transponder a separate TransMonSPE must be used.

Skyvision Xtreme Software with 7″ Tablet

Skyvision Xtreme software on a convenient 7″ tablet computer. Intel HD Garphics (1.8 GHZ, 2MB cache, 4 cores), 1GB DDR3L SDRAM,7″ diagonal HD WVA IPS miltitouch-enabled (1280 X 800), 32GB SSD (Solid State Drive) Perfect for the Yoke or with a suction cup mount on the side window. Battery is rated at 9 hours. Use either horizontal or vertical, or switch at any time. Double tap for full screen view of either the synthetic traffic or Moving Map / weather. Perfect companion with the Salus-3 or NavWorx UAT.

Very reasonably priced portable ADS-B Out and In System
Software Used by


Close Traffic

Skyvision Xtreme Software (One Time Cost)

XtremeVision Software by Skyvision Xtreme – Unique synthetic view traffic, moving map with traffic and weather, 2D panel for instant situational awareness. See User Guide for complete description of features and functions. Windows based software for your Windows 8.1 / 10 laptop or tablet. Two finger touch to expand either the synthetic traffic or moving map / weather to full screen. Download link sent after purchase.


Recommended Antennas for permanent installation

GPS Antenna   –     Garmin GA35 or similar (WAAS antenna recommended for forward compatibility with mandatory ADS-B out requirement)

UAT Antenna   –     Comsat CI 105 or similar (RAMI AV-22)

Note that installation of the system typically involves providing power to the UAT, installing the external antennas and routing the coax cables to the UAT. All connections to the Xtreme Vision displays are wireless.ADS600-B Options


ADS600-B Options:

ARINC- $99.00

Allows connection to displays like the Garmin GNS 430/530

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UAT Antenna – Rod & Ball $79

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UAT Antenna – Blade / Fin Style $122.00

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Certified WAAS GPS Antenna $350.00

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Certified Used GA56 GPS Antenna $100.00

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WAAS GPS Antenna For Experimental $39.00

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Wifi Module – $149.00

Allows connection to a variety of Moving Map programs like WingX, FlyQ, iFly, Skyvision.

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GPS Splitter -$149.00

Allows WAAS GPS antenna to be used for two devices (ADS600-B and one other device)

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