Installed Package Deal

Get 2020 Compliant in your certified aircraft for a very reasonable price. As Low as $4,261 + Tax**

Includes Installation in certain aircraft !!!

Package includes:

1. NavWorx ADS600-B TSO Certified 978 MHz UAT – Full ADS-B Out and In
2. GPS Antenna *
3. UAT Antenna
4. TransMonSPE™ Transponder Interface
5. WiFI Adapter – Up to 7 devices can connect simultaneously.
6. Installation in the following certified aircraft: C150, C172, C177, C182, PA28, PA28R at Gilliam McConnell (BQ1) in central NC. 1 1/2 days to install. Ask for a quote for aircraft not listed above.

ADS600B_Thumbnail  +  GA56 + AV22 + Circuit Breaker +

TransMonSPE Transponder Interface +Wifi Adapter

* The “Standard” install includes installing the ADS600-B, Circuit Breaker, Antennas, TransMonSPE, and WiFi adapter. Testing of the installation and required log book entries by an A&P/IA. Standard install uses a reconditioned Garmin GA56 GPS Antenna. New Garmin GA35 WAAS GPS antenna. Does not include connection to panel mounted displays. Squawk Code and Pressure Altitude provided by the TransMonSPE™, see products page for more info.
** NC sales tax on hardware if applicable

Great with the SkyVision Xtreme 7″ Tablet computer pre-loaded with XtremeVision software to see all the traffic in synthetic and 2D view as well as the weather and traffic on a moving map. Just $299 for tablet and one time software cost. See Products page for more info. Standard install (listed above) with Skyvision Xtreme tablet and software as low as $3,610.

Several aviation publications suggest the typical cost to for a certified ADS-B solution to meet the 2020 compliance for ADS-B will cost between  $7,000 to $10,000. We can save you between $2,700 – $5,700 for a certified install with both ADS-B In and Out.

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