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Since 2009 our customers have been pleasantly surprised with seeing what they have been missing while in the cockpit. We have selected just a few the many positive comments to share with you here. The best endorsement we have for our products are our customers. Fly with one of them and see for yourself.

Actual Customer Comments:

Why wait until it’s too late? Our customers have been saying for years:

“…the unit  I bought from you is the best money I have spent so far in my airplane adventures, lots of bang for the buck…”

“After just one flight my wife said it is the best money I have ever spent on my airplane”. “This one instance has convinced me getting your system due to the ADS-B Out was a very wise move…”

Don in Washington state, June 2016

Since purchasing the Salus-3 system in April, I have had an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate its functionality and performance in the PA-28 aircraft. Equipped to my specifications with initial operation using suction-cup UAT and powered GPS antenna along with the TransMonSPE transponder interface, successful system performance has been confirmed independently on every occasion by FAA controllers and by other flyers in my group. Consistent with the long-standing plan, a bottom mounted external UAT antenna has subsequently been installed producing similar excellent results.

The Wi-Fi access and tablet/pad control and display capability built into the Salus-3 system concept enables effective, reliable, and easy use of the SkyVision software without imposing confiscatory costs for rewiring and control hardware associated with many other products in this market. Coupled with your consistent commitment to service and product support, I am convinced that acquisition of the Salus-3 was the right decision for our type of use and needs. Thanks again for creating an innovative, cost effective product which gets the job done.

Don, M.Sc, P.G.

Mike in Florida April 2016:

I really enjoy being known to the system before I make the call for flight following.  Gone are the days when I’ll be “type unknown” until I radio in for traffic advisories.  Another benefit to me is the ability to cancel earlier and head over to unicom to get a better assessment of who is in pattern without the worry of missing someone.  The 2 and 3D displays give me an easy reference for targeting relevant airborne neighbors.  I look forward to the time when every target on my tablet will be referenced with their N Number.  From the count I made during 6 approaches, less than 20 percent were ads b compliant.  Looks like some good years ahead for Salus.

Jerry in Texas March 2016:

Confirmation of receiving traffic due to the ADS-B Out working became abundantly obvious as I approached Baytown (KHPY) from about 5 miles east of the field. There were three traffic targets being picked up in the area, one 500’ below me. None of these were displaying an N number, so I presume all three were transponder replies being re-transmitted from the ADS-B ground station.  Being I was already at pattern altitude, this meant the target 500’ below me was about 500’ AGL. As I turned west towards the downwind entry to 14, this aircraft made a turn as well that ended up placing it directly below me. As I couldn’t see the aircraft I made a 360, and as I turned could see a pipeline patrol aircraft heading towards the downwind entry, completely silent on the radio, and apparently not looking for any other traffic. This one instance has convinced me getting your system due to the ADS-B Out was a very wise move, compared to the traffic reception of a receive only system. (It also makes me wonder how many times something like this may have happened without my knowledge over the 40 years I’ve been flying.)

Jim February 2016

In my opinion Avare and the Salus work very well together.

Roger November 2015:

No worries on the system I bought from you, it was the best money I have spent in a long time

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