January 12, 2011

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Gives pilots unprecedented intuitive situational awareness

ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA JANUARY 12, 2011- SkyVision Xtreme, LLC announced availability of a new ADS-B traffic and weather display, with 3D traffic, subscription-free weather, and control inputs for the UAT (Universal Access Transceiver). The “Xtreme Vision” display system can collect and display all information provided with the ADS-B system (through connection with an ADS-B UAT). This information includes highly accurate traffic, allowing it to be displayed in 3D (patent pending) in addition to the 2D top-view that traditional traffic displays use. The 3D traffic display only requires a glance to discern traffic target proximity, direction of travel, and relative altitude. If the traffic is ADS-B equipped it will also visually display the traffic type, e.g. large or small aircraft, an airship, or a rotorcraft, ground vehicle, etc. This gives pilots a near-instantaneous intuitive situational awareness to reduce heads-down time, and assist “See and Avoid”. In addition, human-voice audio alerts notify pilots of traffic threats, with distance, direction, and altitude callouts.

Datalink weather is ubiquitous in the cockpit recently, and the FAA provides subscription-free weather via ADS-B. Xtreme Vision is the first ADS-B display to offer pilots all of the weather products provided via ADS-B. These products include, but are not limited to: Regional NEXRAD, Nationwide NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, NOTAMs, TFRs, Winds Aloft, and Temperature Aloft. The Xtreme Vision display will display ADS-B weather at no additional cost.

Another unique feature of the Xtreme Vision display is that it can be used to control the transmit data of the ADS-B Transceiver (which is a FAA requirement). For any pilot to receive the full benefit of ADS-B, they must transmit an acceptable ADS-B signal back to ATC which includes an appropriate squawk code. This transmission not only increases air safety by helping ATC and other aircraft know your position, it also triggers ADS-B ground stations to broadcast traffic data to you.

SkyVision Xtreme co-founder Harry Sanders stated, “Xtreme Vision was created to dramatically improve air safety for the General Aviation pilot. Our company is dedicated to providing low-cost solutions which offer unprecedented situational awareness, taking full advantage of NEXTGEN technologies for the GA pilot’s benefit.”

Bill Moffitt, President of NavWorx, Inc. commented, “NavWorx has been a partner with SkyVision since the outset of ADS-B. Our products are complementary and take full advantage of the current state of ADS-B development. With a NavWorx transceiver, ADS-B information, including TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather, can be displayed on a variety of displays found in many cockpits. With SkyVision’s Xtreme Vision software, this information goes one step further by displaying traffic in 3D. Additionally, its portability makes it applicable today for use in any aircraft.”

The Xtreme Vision ADS-B display is available today, from SkyVision Xtreme, NavWorx, or authorized avionics installers. Please check the company’s website at www.skyvisionxtreme.com for additional details. For information on NavWorx, please visit www.navworx.com.

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