About Us

SkyVision Xtreme was formed to help pilots better see and understand the world aloft around them. Based in North Carolina, SkyVision Xtreme is developing intuitive avionics applications to simplify the pilot’s workload and improve safety and comfort in the air.

Aviation is a passion for the founders of SkyVision Xtreme, and understanding the challenges and mental workload added by interpreting “traditional” traffic and weather displays led to the development of the intuitive solutions available from SkyVision Xtreme!

Please browse, learn, and enjoy our offerings and information on this site. If you like what you see, become one of the growing number of satisfied pilots who are already reaping the benefits of ADS-B with Xtreme Vision! We are available and accessible for any questions you might have about Xtreme Vision, ADS-B, or anything else you’d like to discuss.

Since 2009, SkyVision Xtreme has been producing ADS-B Traffic and Weather solutions to provide pilots with enhanced safety in the cockpit. From subscription-free weather to full traffic awareness, our goal is to provide complete situational awareness of the aircraft’s environment to the pilot.

We provide an innovative Synthetic Trafficâ„¢ view of all other aircraft, whether they are transponder equipped or ADS-B Out equipped. We believe it is essential to see all traffic, and our Synthetic Trafficâ„¢ view offers instantaneous situational awareness. Our goal is to minimize “heads-down” time in the cockpit reviewing and interpreting a flat, top-down traffic display with obtuse symbols and numbers. With one glance at the Synthetic Trafficâ„¢ display, the pilot gains an instant understanding of the nearest threats and can once again look outside the cockpit to find the traffic, now with a clear knowledge of where that traffic is. We enhance “See and Avoid”.

The weather displays are similarly intuitive. We provide a moving map with Nexrad weather, and our touchscreen interface provides the most intuitive retrieval of text weather, including nearest stations, for a nearly instantaneous view of the various station reports (METARs, TAFs, etc.).

We at SkyVision Xtreme believe the General Aviation pilot should make the best use of these new technologies offered by the FAA. We’ve been providing state-of-the-art technology and safety solutions since 2009, and our offerings are continuing to lead the pack.

In 2012, we introduced the first portable full ADS-B In and Out solution, to provide the same fully capable traffic and weather system for the pilot wishing to avoid permanent-mounted antennas.

SkyVision Xtreme has six years of continuous development of ADS-B cockpit products for the GA pilot. Truly robust software is never really finished it will always be under development for expansion and enhancements. Pilots who are using our systems have found that our customer support and commitment to our customers is second to none. Being pilots who also use our ADS-B products on every flight we know first hand how important it is to have Xtreme Situational Awareness of both the traffic and weather on every flight.

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